As the Carolina blue skies filled the air, so too did the patriotic emotion of this wonderful nation and incredible country club.  The Reserve Club’s entrance was filled with members and guests in their red, white, and blue patriotic colors for our annual Flag Ceremony around the pole.  As is tradition, we were joined by two Marines, Gunnery Sergeant Marques Wells from Memphis, TN and Staff Sergeant Christoper Hand from Thompson, GA, who were here to assist with the lowering of our flag to half staff in honor of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending our freedoms.  The veterans in the audience stood at full salute as Old Glory was lowered while Taps was played in the background by Reserve Club member Pete McAteer, a veteran of the United States Army.

The Flag Ceremony was an appropriate finish that reminded guests of the reason we celebrate Memorial Day after a weekend of fun and lively events and activities for Woodside’s guests as well as members of The Reserve Club.  The weekend kicked off with Pub Club on Friday evening featuring a dinner buffet and live entertainment under the ‘big top’ on the Croquet Lawn.  Saturday’s activities included a golf outing, the Historic Aiken Trolley Tour, massage treatments at the Village Health & Wellness Center and poolside lunch.  Then, on Saturday evening, guests attended the Spring Fling gala featuring cocktails, dinner and live entertainment … by none other than Elvis!

Don’t miss out on another event!  Independence Day is just around the corner and is another great opportunity to experience the camaraderie and social atmosphere that is unique to Woodside Plantation!  Call 888-344-7009 today to hear the details of this event and reserve your space now!

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