How much does Woodside resident Jacqueline Vigeant love her new home town?  Enough to write a poem about it!  Jacqueline and her husband, David, have lived in Woodside since they built a new home here in 2003. Jacqueline’s creative flair was in high gear when she learned of a contest sponsored by the City of Aiken to commission a poem about this charming and historic city.  While Jacqueline’s poem didn’t take home the grand prize, she received so much attention for her verse and so many requests for it, that she copyrighted Aiken Is…  Jacqueline so loves Aiken and Woodside that she has graciously agreed to allow her verse to be shared on this site! Congratulations to Jacqueline on her warm and impeccable description of Aiken!

Aiken Is…….

 Aiken is…a place where dirt roads still exist,

            Where horses reign supreme and polo should not be missed.

Aiken is…an avenue where live oaks graciously expand,

            Like a fearless Southern lady taking a major stand.

Aiken is….where grand manors quietly appear,

            And friends are still what we hold most dear.

Aiken is….magnolia trees standing tall and in bloom,

            Just as beautiful as a Carolina moon.

Aiken is….a charming downtown that comes alive,

            With shops and restaurants making it thrive.

Aiken is….the place wherever you go, wherever you roam,

            You love returning because we are honored to call it home.

 An Original Verse by Jacqueline Vigeant©


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