The next meeting of the South Carolina Bluebird Society will be Monday, October 29, at 7:00 p.m. at Birds & Butterflies.  This should be an interesting evening!  This meeting represents the second year of existence of SCBS which “hatched” on October 19th!   So, maybe ‘Happy Birthday’ will be “chirped” as birthday cake is consumed!

Ron Brenneman will present the trail data for 2012.  It was a very good year!   Jim Burke will provide details from the North American Bluebird Society 2012 Conference folks in California. He will also present the “almost” final draft of the program for 2013 National Conference to be held in Aiken. In addition, the 2013 marketing brochure will be available for review.  Jim will be bringing along copies to California for distribution.

The Awards Dinner on October 22nd was a big success. There were 55 members and guests in attendance.  Sponsors received a proper ‘thank you,” attendees were treated to a wonderful dinner and a special “collector’s item” coffee mug was an added treat for attendees.

Submitted by Jim Burke

woodside is for the birds - bluebirds!

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