Ted and Adela Dziekanowski, like many Woodside homeowners, are leaving their fast paced New Jersey lifestyles behind in exchange for the friendlier faces and warmer weather here in Aiken. Since their first visit to Aiken earlier this year, Ted and Adela’s infectious excitement about Woodside has spread to everyone that has had the pleasure of meeting them, and now that they have officially decided to join us as neighbors, we had the opportunity to sit down and learn what exactly it was about Aiken and Woodside that persuaded them to make this decision.

What inspired you to leave New Jersey?

“It was hard to decide to leave our family and friends,” Adela explains, “so at first we looked around New Jersey to try and make it work. After we decided that we would look elsewhere, coming to Aiken was actually an accident! We were exploring North Carolina, and decided to go to Aiken just to visit and see what it was all about. Ultimately, it was snow free, had a slower lifestyle, and friendlier people.”

Ted also explains that he traveled a lot with his career, and never came across anything like Aiken. “I’ve been to all parts of the country,” he adds, “and the pace up North was just silly to me. The South really isn’t slow… it’s just right. And when we came to Woodside to visit, we met someone that we discovered lived in the town next to us, but the irony continues! I had been riding the train for years with this woman and never knew it. Pretty soon we were commiserating about who would beat the other to Aiken.”

What was it about both Woodside and Aiken that won you over?

Adela begins to explain that “Aiken just.. felt right. It felt warm- and I mean the people. The people were warm, the homesites were beautiful. We could instantly picture ourselves living here. Aiken really was like comparing champagne to Kool-Aid when it came to the other places we visited- it didn’t have just another downtown. And it was hard to decide to leave family and friends, but there’s nothing like (Woodside) there. It’s like a resort.”

Ted adds, “We knew right away. It was just a matter of getting our home on the market and getting down here.”

What did you not know about Aiken that you were surprised to learn?

“We didn’t know anything about Aiken!” Ted and Adela laugh, explaining that they did not expect to come to Woodside and fall in love. In fact, they still had many visits planned to other communities following their trip to Aiken. Adela notes, “We certainly didn’t anticipate the rich history we found here! The railroads, the equestrian background, the love story.. But we cancelled all of our projected visits after just one trip to Aiken. We knew right away.”

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to come see what Woodside is all about, simply click the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page, or give us a call at 888-344-7009. Please check out the happy couple’s new home below, including a watercolor rendering that Ted created, and be sure to welcome them if you see them around the neighborhood! Welcome to Woodside, Ted and Adela!