Fairly early into the pre-construction process we began to talk about the specific choices we would make for our new home.  One of those choices was what type of countertop we would want for the kitchen.  Al and I have built other homes and both like granite in the kitchen so that decision was easy.   That granite choice also led us on another Carolina Signature Home sponsored adventure!

The Village Center houses the hub of CSH Construction and The Design Center staffed by the, always friendly, patient and helpful Kitty.

As and aside, to this adventure, and to underscore what a small world this really is, Kitty and I graduated from the same high school in suburban Minneapolis but had to wait until we both landed in Woodside Plantation, almost 50 years later, to meet each other!

The Design Center features all kinds of selections for everything from countertops to cabinetry, to flooring and lighting and essentially everything you would need, from top to bottom, to complete your new home.  Al and I had already seen a type of granite that we thought would work for us so Kitty and Shawn, the overseer of our project, suggested we take a little trip to Elberton, GA.  We had never heard of Elberton, GA so Shawn explained that we could elect to just order our choice for granite through Kitty at The Design Center or we could take a little ride to Elberton, GA and put our name on the exact slabs that would go into our new kitchen.

Unbeknownst to Al and I, Elberton, GA is the “Granite Capital of the World”!  Always up for an adventure and seeing an opportunity to visit this famous place and actually select the granite for our new home was a day trip we wanted to take.

Armed with the name and address for Star Granite and our GPS all loaded with directions to Elberton, GA we were ready to go!  Shawn told us the trip was just over 100 miles and would be about two hours; that turned out to be just about right.

The trip was pleasant as we drove through small towns and past fields, farms and beautiful horse ranches.  We reminisced about time gone by, talked about this new chapter in our lives and all the potential adventures still growing on the bucket list; a list that is growing because Aiken is uniquely situated to allow for fun daytrips or overnights in any direction.

Soon we arrived in Elberton, “Granite Capital of the World”!  It’s a nice, southern town and has reason to boast but the devil is always in the details and this sign details why they are the “Granite Capital of the World”.  Okay, we came to personally autograph the granite slabs for our kitchen but the monument part of the Love Story will have to wait for another day!

We soon found our destination, Star Granite, and were met by Tiffany who was ready to help us with our kitchen granite selection and possible remnant selections for the three bathrooms.

Star Granite is an amazing place with huge slabs of granite and other products filling the warehouse to the brim and workers everywhere, moving, fabricating, and polishing products for their customers.  The tour of this operation was worth the drive to Elberton.  It’s an amazing place as you can see in the pictures below and we were fortunate to select the slabs we were looking for in the kitchen and find some suitable remnants for the other rooms.  You can find more information about Star Granite at their website:

From www.stargraniteinteriors.com:  Star Granite has been in the stone manufacturing and quarrying business for over 50 years. We employ skilled craftsman that have many years experience in the stone working industry. With three manufacturing plants, 2 quarries, and more than 100 employees, Star Granite can handle any project and supply quality and customer service that is unmatched by any competitor.

The day was fun and amazing!  Thanks, Shawn and Kitty for the suggestion to take a ride to Elberton!  We had a Grand Day Out!

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Char Love

May 7, 2013

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