What are the odds of three golfers each making a hole-in-one on the same day at the same course?

Pretty astronomical, but it happened Tuesday at The Reserve Club at Woodside Plantation in Aiken.

“That’s not a normal day for us,” golf shop manager Bob O’Neil said. “We do hole-in-one pictures for them and we hadn’t done one in a while. Finally yesterday we made up for it.”

The golfers who made the aces were Sue Douglas, using an 8-hybrid on the 98-yard 15th hole; Debbie Webber, using an 8-iron on the 110-yard 12th hole; and Dick Spaeth, using a 6-iron on the 173-yard 15th hole.

Greg Esterhai of www.HoleInOneInsurance.com calculated the odds of Tuesday’s feat happening at three million to one. That is based on an average course with 150 rounds per day, he said. According to a Golf Digest study, the odds of a single player making an ace are 5,000 to one for a low handicapper and 12,000 to one for an average player.

O’Neil said the last hole-in-one at The Reserve Club came on May 1. He estimated that 120 rounds were played at the course Tuesday.

“It was quite a good day for them,” he said.


John Boyette, Sports Editor, The Augusta Chronicle

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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