The Reserve Club at Woodside celebrates Memorial Day, each year, with a wonderful flag raising ceremony to honor and remember those who have died in service to this great country and in protection of our cherished freedom.

Al and I attended this year and enjoyed, tremendously, the ceremony, the flag raising, meeting and thanking Woodside resident veterans and visiting with other friends and neighbors who came to remember and honor these courageous people.  We also enjoyed the Sunday Brunch at the Reserve Club following the ceremony.

This year there was a very special reading at the Memorial Day Ceremony,  “The Color of Patriotism” which was written by a Woodside resident, Bill Reynolds; it is beautiful and I share it with you here:

The Color of Patriotism

What is the color of Patriotism? Is it the purple found in a purple heart? How about the bronze or silver in the bronze and silver stars?  Is it the obvious red, white, and blue found in “Old Glory”? Could it be the desert camouflage worn by our troops in far away lands? What about the white found on thousands and thousands of granite markers covering many acres of hallowed ground at Arlington National Cemetery?  What color is Patriotism?

It is without color.  It is blind to color.  It is clear.

The color of Patriotism is found in a clear single solitary tear which drips slowly down the cheek of a recent widow who lost her husband in combat: the tear of a young child who will never again lay eyes on that parent who gave their life so we could remain free: it is in the tear of an old veteran who proudly stands and salutes the flag as a VFW unit leads the fourth of July parade in a small town in rural America: it is the tear which begins to form in many eyes when at a sporting event people are in unison singing God Bless America or the National Anthem: it is the tear which cannot be held back and finally hits the ground when one says goodbye to a flag draped coffin while in the background Taps is played by a lone soldier on his worn bugle: it is the tear which flows whenever we pause and reflect what this country means to us and what it takes for us to keep it: It is also the tear which has started to flow down your cheek as you read or listen to this.

Patriotism…it is clear and it is found in our tears.

By Bill Reynolds


Submitted by Char Love

June 2, 2013



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