meet the kramers!In January 2011, Bill and Patsy Kramer visited Woodside’s booth at the Live South Expo in Philadelphia.  They quickly scheduled a visit to Woodside and fell in love with the community; so much so that, during their visit, Pat and Bill selected a home site.   They immediately began making plans to build their new home with Carolina Signature Homes and moved into their home in September.  Pat said, “We still think we are very young.  Nothing is forever.  Things can change.  Why not enjoy the wonderful weather and great lifestyle now?  If it feels right, do it.  Don’t worry about the ‘what ifs’.”  The last couple of winters were brutal.  Better climate, lower taxes and a great lifestyle were the motivating factors for the Kramers.  When asked what advice she had for people considering retirement, Patsy said, “It’s time to get on with your life…move on.”  See the full article about the Kramers’ decision to move to Woodside in the Winter 2012 issue of Ideal Living Magazine.  Call your professional Sales Associate today at 888-344-7009 to visit Woodside and discover the life the Kramers already have!

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