Even before Al and I moved to Woodside we had opportunities to experience what a fun, friendly and eventful place Woodside and Aiken promised to be.  We were invited to participate in the annual Founders Weekend events and also, the Spring Steeplechase.  Both events were full of fun and opportunities to find out what life is really all about at Woodside Plantation in Aiken, SC.

We welcomed the opportunity to join the fun in these legendary events and to attend Pub Club, try golf on the Reserve Club course, dine at the Reserve Club, take the Aiken Trolley tour, try some of Aiken’s local restaurants and, most importantly, experience the warmth and welcome of those lucky folks who already called Woodside home.  These experiences reinforced our decision to make Woodside and Aiken our new home too!

Now that we are here and “under construction” we have had the good fortune to attend these events, once again, and share our experiences with others who are considering making the move to Aiken.  We both love Woodside and Aiken and all that they have to offer so it is easy and fun to share our day to day discoveries and adventures in this wonderful place!

Founder’s Weekend

There was a great turn out for Founder’s Weekend and Al and I enjoyed meeting all the folks who were here to experience Woodside Plantation.  There was a big group on Friday evening at Pub Club and the newcomers enjoyed meeting each other and meeting and chatting with Woodside residents who were there to enjoy their usual Friday night get together.

On Saturday we played golf with Bob and Donna Buck on the Reserve Course.  As luck would have it, Bob was a schoolteacher and his discipline, for 25 years of teaching, was golf… lucky me!  He observed my “unique” way of putting and offered some welcome advice on how I might improve on that stroke.  I’m still working on that Bob!

Saturday evening was the Founder’s Weekend dinner and dance.  The feast, prepared by Chef Kerry, was amazing and everyone enjoyed the food, the music and all of the Founder’s Weekend festivities!

On Sunday morning we all met at the club for breakfast and to say “so long” to our new friends knowing that they, too, found Woodside Plantation to be a very special place!

Fall Steeplechase

The Aiken Steeplechase is another premier “must do” event for anyone moving to Aiken.  At the invitation of Mike Manney, Al and I attended the Spring Steeplechase in 2011 as guests and prospective buyers in the community.  As anyone who has ever experienced the Steeplechase knows, it is an extraordinary event; especially when it is done Woodside style!  Al and I must have seemed to be enjoying the day as our picture ended up in the Aiken Standard the very next day!

This year we attended the Fall Steeplechase, again with folks who were here to experience Woodside, Aiken and all that this wonderful place has to offer.  We all met at the sales office the day of the race and enjoyed some time just getting to know each other over coffee, juice and an amazing array of breakfast goodies.

Then it was off to the races and a fun and fascinating day… especially for those of us who are horse race novices.  There was a tent full of food, drinks and chatter with all the race fans and music for those who cared to kick up their own heels in between races.

Al and I truly do love living here in Woodside and in the short time that we have been here we have been so welcomed by the amazing people who already live here.  We have found many new friends and each day brings some other new adventures.  The decision to make Woodside Plantation home is a decision we give thanks for each and every day!

And so it is true; It’s a wonderful life in Woodside Plantation!

Submitted by Char Love

November 25, 2012


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