This morning, I intended to write an article for the blog about the fun, moving and exciting July 4th celebration hosted by The Reserve Club last evening. Then, I saw the following message from Mike and Peg DeBruhl to their friends and quickly realized they were able to convey the touching emotional aspects of our celebration in a much more personal manner that I ever could. So, with their permission, here’s a message from Woodside’s own Mike and Peg DeBruhl:

Peg and I just returned from a truly PATRIOTIC evening in our Woodside Plantation community. Now we have been to many July 4th celebrations during this life, including the big bashes in Washington, DC…but none so TRULY patriot and meaningful as our community/club event.

Maybe we feel this way because it is so personal, and we know the folks saluted tonight as friends. Or, maybe it is because this night could just as easily have been a celebration attended in the home towns of our youth during which we recognized our parents and their friends from the wars of their era.

Whatever the reason, it was a moving and wonderful and totally Patriotic evening…again reminding us that “Freedom is not free”…

We had over 500 attendees! And, what could be better than an all American cookout with hot dogs, chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, Southern BBQ (South Carolina style), “tater” salad, watermelon and ice cream. We started off with this feast and then gave a salute to America by having a veteran of each service present that service’s flag while playing the service song…and all who served in that branch of the Armed Forces stood to be recognized. Really moving!

Then, we saluted our Flag as the colors were presented and posted by our veterans and the community choir sang and lead the National Anthem…followed by the playing of Taps (always gets to me!) and several patriotic readings, again from veterans. This was followed by a super slide show of the pictures of almost 100 club members who are veterans (the pictures were when we were young and in uniform ). What a hoot and trip down memory lane. As my Granddaughter once said…“Papa, I saw the military pictures of you and Nana – – and you were YOUNG”!!

We also took time to say Thank You to the men and women now serving in our Armed Forces who are in harm’s way defending our freedoms in a tumultuous world today. And, we had a moment of silence and then toasted a single table that was set for one, but with no one there – – to honor our current and past POWs and MIAs…and to remember their sacrifices.

We ended the evening with great American patriotic music while watching a marvelous display of fireworks for almost 25 minutes!! A real ALL-AMERICAN evening and celebration of the 4th. And, a wonderful reminder of how great it is to be an American, and all the good things that means and stands for…particularly as we view the world around us.

All this rejuvenated us, and we hope that you had a wonderful 4th of July celebration as well.

Love to all…

Mike & Peg

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