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Since my first visit to Aiken more than 20 years ago, I have always said that the people in Aiken are special.  I heard a story recently that reminded me, once again, just how special.

One of our sales executives was touring a new model home under construction for our upcoming Festival of Homes with a visiting owner and his mother, Doris.  Upon returning to his car and helping everyone in, he saw that Doris had tears running down her cheeks.  Upon asking whether Doris was all right, she explained that she was so touched and happy that she was moved to tears.

Doris explained that the kind young man, who had offered to help her out of the home where steps had not yet been installed, carried her all the way to the car at the curb rather than setting her down in the midst of a construction site.  The kind young man was Mike, one of our tile installers.  When Doris thanked Mike for helping her, he leaned in and whispered to her that it was his honor to do so.  You see, he had just lost his mother three days before.  Seeing Doris made him think of his mother, so he stopped what he was doing to help her.

You see gestures like that more often in Aiken than any place I know.  It’s the genuine smile of the greeter at a local restaurant, it’s the compliments I receive at Pub Club on a Friday evening or the wave from one of our golf course maintenance staff.  At Woodside, we pride ourselves on the conditions and beauty of our golf courses, the quality and value of our homes, the beauty of our parks and landscaping and the many unique and engaging social events in Aiken.  But, it is truly the people that make us special.

Thanks for being part of our community!

Rick Steele, Developer

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