Saturday’s Fall Fishing Outing “netted” a total of fifteen Woodside residents with a total of 42 bass being caught.  There might have been more fish except one angler walked home as soon as he ate all of his favorite doughnuts!  The big winner was, as usual, Bob Carter with a total catch of 12 bass, including two over 18 inches.  John Cater came in second in Minnows.  It looks like Bob’s reign as minnow king is going to last for a long time.  Bob Kappus, who recently joined the ranks of the retired folk, came in first in Artificials with my brother, Tony, coming in second.  In Nightcrawlers, Mark Behl came in second to his wife, Deborah.  Wouldn’t you have loved to be a “fly” on the wall at the Behl’s home for dinner!  The first fish of the day was caught by Tim Burcroff,  and the last fish of the day prize went to Dale Hutsell.

Fall fishing is definitely on the upswing.  Please get back to me if you would like to participate in a boating outing on Oakman Lake next Saturday, October 13.  If we can get five or more boat owners with partners on the water, we’re sure to have a great day!

Submitted by Ken Ziomek

October 7, 2012

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