feels like ground hog day

Photo by Dave Rodgers, Woodside Resident

I have always enjoyed watching Punxsutawney Phil on Ground Hog Day deciding when the end of winter will occur.  This “holiday” always triggers the memory of Bill Murray playing the weatherman in the movie Ground Hog Day.

Here in Aiken, we are lucky to enjoy playing golf year-round.  February may be our coldest month, but it still provides wonderful weather to play.  And, there’s always a time during February when you realize the first week of April is right around the corner, bringing golf’s legends and current greats to the area.  With the world converging just 20 minutes away to see the Holy Grail of golf, this magical week brings landscapes filled with blooming azaleas, dogwoods and many other flowers.  Golfers from all over the world are amazed by our wonderful golf courses with a rainbow of blooming flowers.

This past weekend (Feb. 21), while the entire eastern United States was invaded by the Siberian Express, Aiken enjoyed a sunny Saturday in the mid-60s.  With the feeling of spring in the air, it dawned on me that we are a mere 6 weeks away our traditional kickoff to Spring.  On this day, I did see my shadow and was happy to see it!

David Seawell

March 2, 2015