What once defined creature comforts for us and what defines them today are really a huge housing bubble and the collapse of the American economy apart.  The housing bubble didn’t personally impact us, beyond the fact that no one was buying homes in a time when we wanted to sell ours, but precious few people came through the collapse of our economy unscathed.  We, along with millions of other Americans experienced watching our investments and 401K funds dwindle as we also watched friends and family who were dramatically and personally impacted by these events.  We were lucky; we were not losing our jobs or pensions or our home like so many others were.

These events caused us to re-evaluate our “wants” and “needs” and played into decisions related to construction of our new home in Woodside Plantation.  We made a decision to downsize from our Florida home and build for our specific needs going forward.  We also knew what a wonderful value Aiken and Woodside Plantation are when making the decision on where to settle.

For me, this quote from an Internet website says it all:

Woodside Plantation:  Named one of Money Magazine’s “Top Ten Retirement Communities”, as well one of the 2013 Top 50 Communities in the United States by Where to Retire Magazine. Notably one of the Southeast’s most prominent golf and leisure communities, here residents enjoy four championship golf courses, a new wellness center, miles of walking trails and sparkling lakes, spread out over 2,800 acres of beautifully rolling countryside. 

With Aiken’s excellent cost of living, this picturesque community has become one of the best values in private golf communities. Aiken offers lower tax rates, better gas prices and a real estate market that allows you to get more for your dollar. 

Construction Phase II 

The foundation is in, the framing is done, the roof boards are on and the house is really beginning to take shape.  This phase, in the process, seems to slow a bit mostly because what happens now goes on “behind the scenes”.  The plumber is running pipes all through the house; the HVAC guys are installing heating and cooling equipment in the attic, the electrician is stringing wires and cables to every room and all of the subs are on-site installing the high-tech mechanicals that will provide all of the basic creature comforts found in today’s homes.

Soon there is more activity on the outside of the house as roofers and brick masons descend on the project.  When the windows go in and the doors are positioned, the house begins to emanate a feeling of warmth and security that you naturally feel when you walk into your own home. The subs that install and tape the wallboard also bring a new dimension as the individual rooms take shape.  Waiting in the wings is the trim carpenter who enhances the home with crown moulding, window and door trim, stair rail and bannisters.  The wood floors are installed, as is the tile in the bathrooms and laundry.

One day you show up and see the fireplace affixed in the living room and envision a time when you will be enjoying that cozy fireplace in the comfort of your new home.

During this phase as the subs were working their magic, we were busy picking out the finishing touches for the house.  The decisions are many from faucets to fixtures and countertops to cabinets, lighting and flooring, paint colors, and hardware and everything else including the kitchen sink.

Cabinetry is a big decision for kitchen, baths and bookcases.  Carolina Signature Homes sent us to meet with Chris Welsh at Carolina Designer Cabinets.  He has a handy-dandy program on his computer where he takes your room dimensions and builds your kitchen or linen cabinet or bookcase in 3D for you to see and arrange to your specs in real time.  With a click here and a few keystrokes there he can easily move or change cabinet components or easily change the size of a cabinet.  Being able to visualize and instantly change a cabinet configuration helps you build exactly what you want in your space.  It’s a great program and Chris is expert at suggesting what’s new and useful in cabinetry and in helping you pull it all together.

Another big decision was the sound design for the whole house.   We interviewed three providers and were very happy with David Shedd, who was recommended by our neighbor.  He was very knowledgeable and dependable and did an excellent job with our sound system.

We also met with Sally Carpenter at Carpenters in the Home, Inc. and she was most helpful in designing the closets and selecting mirrors, towel bars and tub enclosures that would finish off the bed and bathrooms in our new home.

The house really takes shape during this phase of construction and new friendships blossom too. There are lots of opportunities to meet new friends and neighbors here in Woodside and one way is to build a house.  The friendly folks here are as curious about your new place as you are and like you, they are eager to meet the new folks on the block.  There is so much construction happening in Woodside Plantation; there are five currently under construction in The Point neighborhood alone.  It is fun to watch as new homes rise all around you bringing new friends and neighbors to our great community!

Submitted by Char Love

August 2013

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