Aiken Isn’t Just for Grandkids

Our busy month Marched forward with 3 couples from Naples, FL; they are among the friendships we developed when we lived in SW Florida.  Our friendships have transcended time and distance and two of the couples had visited us in Aiken while our home was still under construction and we were staying in a leased cottage in The Village at Woodside.  This time another couple that wintered in Florida and summered in Minnesota also joined us.  They too, have become very good friends and came to find out what drew us to Aiken and why we love it here so much!


March Gladness

Spring was in the air and so was a sense of anticipation and excitement about all that the month of March held for us here in Aiken.  Al and I looked forward to our first visits from children and grandchildren, granddaughter Jada from Alexandria, Virginia and grandson Marley with Mom – Deb and Aunt Amy from Safety Harbor, Florida.

We also hosted 6 friends from Naples, Florida for a tour of Aiken and Woodside Plantation and their first ever Steeplechase experience.  There was much to prepare for and much to be glad about as March brought a welcome spring.


It’s A Wonderful Life… in Woodside Plantation

Even before Al and I moved to Woodside we had opportunities to experience what a fun, friendly and eventful place Woodside and Aiken promised to be.  We were invited to participate in the annual Founders Weekend events and also, the Spring Steeplechase.  Both events were full of fun and opportunities to find out what life is really all about at Woodside Plantation in Aiken, SC.

We welcomed the opportunity to join the fun in these legendary events and to attend Pub Club, try golf on the Reserve Club course, dine at the Reserve Club, take the Aiken Trolley tour, try some of Aiken’s local restaurants and, most importantly, experience the warmth and welcome of those lucky folks who already called Woodside home.  These experiences reinforced our decision to make Woodside and Aiken our new home too!

Now that we are here and “under construction” we have had the good fortune to attend these events, once again, and share our experiences with others who are considering making the move to Aiken.  We both love Woodside and Aiken and all that they have to offer so it is easy and fun to share our day to day discoveries and adventures in this wonderful place!